How to Create a Product on Gearbubble

Gearbubble offers an incredible catalog of bestselling customizable products, including jewelry, mugs, t-shirts, and more! To make it easy for you to build a thriving eCommerce business, we offer an easy-to-use dashboard to create and launch new products.

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How to Create a Product on Gearbubble


Step 1) Log into Your Gearbubble Dashboard

To get started, go to and log in to your Gearbubble dashboard.

If you do not have a Gearbubble account yet, you can sign up by clicking here.

log in to gearbubble.png

Enter the email address and password used for your Gearbubble account to sign in. Don't forget to check the box to let us know you're not a robot! 

gearbubble log in page.png

Step 2) Choose a Campaign 

Now that you're logged into your Gearbubble dashboard, it's time to choose which campaign you'd like to create.

To start, click on the "Launch Campaign" button.

launch campaign button.png

From this drop down list, you can now choose which type of campaign you'd like to create. 

choose campaign type.png

The most common campaign type of campaign is the 'Traditional' category, which includes mugs, jewelry, t-shirts, etc. For this example, we will create a traditional campaign.

If you'd like to learn more about our different campaign types, click here to read the full article. (link to be added)


Step 3) Choose a Product Type to Create

We're getting to the fun part - creating your product! First, select which type of product you'd like to create.

For this example, we're going to create a custom mug. 

choose product type.png

Once you've selected your product type, scroll down and click on the "Next Step" button.

product type next step.png


Step 4) Choose Your Product Style

Some of our products have additional style options. It's helpful to select these options prior to creating your design.

Please note: These style options will vary depending on the product you chose. 

In our mug example, you can see that there are different mug options and sizes to choose from. Some styles will allow you to create additional styles in the same campaign. For example, you can choose the 11oz mug and then "add other style" if you'd like to give customers the option to select the 15oz mug instead.

mug style options.png

You can also select your default color.

This is the default color that will be displayed on your product page. If available, you can click "add other color" to add additional color options for your customers to choose from. 

add product color options.png


Step 5) Upload Your Design

Now that you've set your product options, you can begin creating your custom design.

To begin creating your design, click 'Upload Design'.

click to upload design.png

A new screen will appear. From here, click on 'Upload Graphic'.

click to upload graphic.png

Then select the design file for your product design file.png

If you'd like to learn more design requirements and/or access our design templates, click here to read the full article. (link to be added)

Step 6) Adjust the Size and Placement of Your Design

Once your design has uploaded into the editor, you can begin adjusting the size and placement.

We recommended leaving some white space around the design. If you notice your design is off-centered, you can turn off the 'Snap to center' feature to allow fine movements.

adjust product design.png


Step 7) Add Personalization Layer (Optional)

Some products offer the option to add personalization layers. Personalization is extremely appealing to buyers! They love having the ability to create a completely custom product.

If you want to add a personalization layer for text (this is great for customer's to add names!) or a photo, click the personalization layer you'd like to add.

How to add a Personalization Layer for Text:

First, add in the placeholder text that will show on the display. For best results, it's a good idea to provide clear instructions for the customer. 

Then select 'Add text layer'

add personalization text layer.png

You can now select from the font and color options to customize the text layer.

You can also adjust the size and placement of the personalized text.

customize personalization text layer.png


How to add a Personalization Layer for Photos:

To allow customers to add custom photos to your design, select 'add photo layer'

add personalization photo layer.png

A custom photo box will appear on your design.

You can adjust the size and placement of the custom photo box. This is where the customer's photo will appear on the product design. 

customize personalization photo layer.png


Step 8) Duplicate Design on Back (Optional)

Some products offer the option to duplicate the design on the backside of the product.

To do this, simply check the "Duplicate Image on Back" box. 

You can then click "See Back" to view the design on the back of the product.

duplicate design on back.png

HERE'S A TIP: We recommend adjusting the size and placement of your design to your liking first. Once you're happy with the design, duplicate it to the back. This will avoid having to do unnecessary adjustments.


Step 9) Set Your Product Price

Now that your design is ready to go, it's time to set your product price.

Simply type your preferred pricing into the price box.

As you adjust the price, you'll notice the "profit/sale" number will be automatically adjusted. This will tell you your estimated profit per sale. Exciting stuff, right? 

set product price.png

Important Notes About Pricing:

  • The displayed price does not include shipping costs. The shipping costs vary depending on the end customer's location. For this reason, shipping will be charged separately.
  • The displayed profit/sale number is only an estimate. Your actual profit may vary if you incur additional costs such as paid advertising, marketplace fees, etc. To view additional charges that may be incurred through Gearbubble, you can find them listed on your main Gearbubble dashboard. Simply click the '$' button and scroll to the bottom of the list to see additional costs.
    fee information gearbubble dashboard.png


Step 10) Add a Product Title & Description

Once you've completed your product design and set your pricing, it's time to move onto the next step and edit your product description.

To access this screen, click the green 'Next Step' button.

finish product design.png

On this next screen, you can add a campaign title and description. We've already included a default description that you can edit as desired.

add camapign title and description.png

Please note: If you upload your product to other platforms through one of our integrations, a standard product description will be used. You can edit the description on the other platform after the successful upload. Any changes made to the description during campaign creation won't be transferred through the integration.

You can also choose to add a category and up to 10 tags. These are optional. It's important to note that tags may get pushed over to other platforms. However, you should keep tags under 20 characters as they will be stripped down on platforms such as Etsy.


Step 11) Edit Campaign Length (Optional)

You can choose to set a campaign length. This will only apply to campaign sales and will not affect any listings that are uploaded to other platforms. So if you are only listing on other platforms, you can choose to leave the campaign length at the default setting.

add campaign length.png

When a campaign length is selected, it will add a countdown timer to your campaign page. This is a great feature if you'd like to add some urgency for customers to buy before a specified deadline.


Step 12) Choose Campaign URL

Inside the URL box, type in your preferred URL. This is also referred to as a "slug". This is the link that will be used to access your campaign page.

choose campaign URL.pngPlease note: The URL serves as the unique identifier for your campaign on the GearBubble platform. It's essential to use a combination of characters that has not been previously used on the platform.

HERE'S A TIP: For tracking and organizational purposes, many sellers use their brand/store name or product name along with a creation order number (e.g., gbmug01). If the chosen combination has been used before, please select a different one.


Step 13) Finalize & Launch Your Product

You're almost done!

Before finalizing your campaign, you can choose to edit the buy button text. You can also choose to keep your campaign evergreen (meaning it won't come to an end) and/or set the back of your product as the default display.

Once everything looks good, make sure you click the "Terms of Service Consent" box and then click "Launch Campaign"

launch campaign button.png



After completing these steps, you will have successfully created a product on Gearbubble! 

Now that your product has been launched, it will be given a dedicated landing page with unique URL. This page can be used for advertising on other platforms. You can also choose to share your products on popular online marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, eBay or your own Shopify store using our integrations. 

Additional Resources for Launching a Product

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