What are the different types of campaigns?

GearBubble provides a range of campaign types. Each campaign has its own distinct features and traits.

After you log into your Gearbubble dashboard, you can see each campaign type listed under the "Launch Campaign" tab.

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Below we've shared details on each type of campaign so you can pick the one best suited for your goals. 

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Types of Campaigns


This is the most commonly used campaign type. It allows you to create individual products and upload them through the integration.

Traditional campaigns are used to create Club and Combined campaigns. So you will have to create individual traditional campaigns before grouping them into a Club or Combined one.

Example of an individual campaign:

Please note that personalized traditional campaigns cannot go through the Amazon integration. Personalized mug and jewelry campaigns can be uploaded to Etsy. To learn more of the process, please click here.



The Club campaign type functions as a subscription model. You can curate multiple existing products to form a collection. When a customer subscribes to a Club campaign, they will automatically receive a product from the collection every month.

Example of a Club campaign:

Please be aware that Club campaigns cannot go through the integration. If a customer wishes to cancel their subscription, they will need to contact GearBubble Support.



Combined campaigns enable you to group two or more existing campaigns. Sellers typically use this for related products or products sharing a common theme. This allows you to present multiple products to the customer simultaneously.

Example of a Combined campaign:

Combined campaigns cannot go through the integration. Products in combined campaigns are usually shipped separately, and shipping costs are charged individually.


Super Personalization

Super Personalized campaigns offer an extensive range of built-in characters in addition to your design. Customers can select from various options, including different human body shapes, hair, skin, clothing colors or styles, as well as choices for dogs, cats, breeds, handprints, or paw prints.

Example of a Super Personalized campaign:

Super Personalized campaigns also cannot go through the integration.



Promoting the right type of campaign can multiply your profit. For example, if you promote a combined campaign with a couple mugs, you might gain twice the payout for bigger profits.

Meanwhile, the Club option allows you to earn recurring payments from long-time customers. Allowing you to get a much bigger return on your advertising dollars. Make sure that you explore all the options to maximize your earnings.

If you need any further assistance, don't hesitate to contact our support at support@gearbubble.org


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