Introduction to the Integration and Dropship Tools

Our Integration or Dropship tools are designed to seamlessly link GearBubble with high-traffic platforms, enhancing product visibility and attracting potential customers. With just a single click, this integration enables you to effortlessly upload products onto premier platforms and streamline order management processes, including fulfillment and tracking updates. Here we will share more information about how you can benefit from using our integrations.

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  1. Watch Video to Learn More About Our Integrations
  2. About Our Gearbubble Integrations
    1. Shopify Integration
    2. Amazon Integration
    3. Etsy Integration
    4. eBay integration
  3. Summary
  4. Additional Resources

Watch Video to Learn More About Our Integrations

About Our Gearbubble Integrations

Currently, GearBubble integrates with four major platforms: Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Upon signing up for GearBubble, users automatically gain access to the free basic version of the integration across all four platforms. Additionally, upgraded plans are available, offering enhanced features and expanded opportunities for connectivity between GearBubble and these prominent marketplaces.

Let's dive into the unique benefits offered by each integration.


Shopify Integration

This integration is the simplest to set up and allows for the upload of most GearBubble products. Best of all, our Shopify integration can be used by Gearbubble sellers for free!

To learn more about how our Shopify integration works, please click here.

Amazon Integration

Amazon is no doubt one of the e-commerce platforms with the highest traffic worldwide. You can easily leverage all of this buyer traffic with our Amazon integration. We offer multiple plans to best suit your business needs.

You can explore our plan options for the integration with Amazon here.

Etsy Integration

Etsy is a bustling marketplace loaded with selling potential. Not only can you take advantage of all this buying action with an automated order management system, you can also leverage one of the most powerful and irresistible selling features with our Etsy integration: personalized designs! Buyers go crazy for these!

We offer different plans to best suit your business, so click here to view our available options.

eBay integration

eBay is often underestimated compared to other e-commerce platforms. Nevertheless, it has remained one of the most visited and trusted marketplaces over the years.

You can expand your opportunities and bring your products to eBay through our available plans here.


This outlines how our integrations and dropship tools can be a helpful way to grow your sales with maximum efficiency. If you need any further assistance, you can to contact our support through chat (8AM-5PM PDT everyday) or email

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