How to connect GearBubble with Shopify

The Shopify integration is simple to set up and allows for the upload of most GearBubble products. Best of all, our Shopify integration can be used by Gearbubble sellers for free!

Let's simplify and automate your order management process by connecting Shopify and GearBubble using the following steps.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Install the GearBubble App on Shopify
  2. How to Connect Your Gearbubble Account with the Shopify Integration
  3. Summary
  4. Additional Resources

How to Install the GearBubble App on Shopify

Step 1. Install the GearBubble App on Your Shopify Store

To begin connecting your Gearbubble account with your Shopify store, click here to find the Gearbubble App in the Shopify App store.  Then click on the "Install" button.

Screenshot 2024-03-16 at 10.45.31 PM.png

A window will open that lists what the Gearbubble app will need access to. Click on "Install" to accept and proceed with the process.

Screenshot 2024-03-16 at 10.46.11 PM.png

Step 2. Find the Shopify Admin API Access Token

The GearBubble app settings page will open. Click on the "API Credentials" tab, then click on "Reveal token once" to get the Admin API access token.

Screenshot 2024-03-17 at 8.43.01 PM.png

IMPORTANT: It is recommended that you copy and save this token as it can only be revealed once.


How to Connect Your Gearbubble Account with the Shopify Integration

Step 1. Access Your Dropship Dashboard

To begin, login to your GearBubble account. If you don't know how to log in to GearBubble, please check out this article.

Next, click on the "View Dropship Dashboard" link to access the dropship dashboard.

Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 8.04.24 PM.png

Then click on the "Stores" button to access the Stores dashboard.

Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 8.05.54 PM.png


Step 2. Set Up a New Store with the Shopify Integration

To set up a new store with the Shopify integration, click on the “New store” button.

Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 8.09.44 PM.png

A window will now open to create a new Shopify store.

Enter your shop name and the token you got from Step 3. Find the Shopify Admin API access token in the corresponding fields.

Screenshot 2024-03-17 at 9.10.31 PM.png

Please note: Make sure that you ONLY use the "shopname" part from your Shopify page URL: https://{shopname} For example: if the URL is, just use "poppopstore" in the "Shop name" field.

Once you've provided the information, click the "Submit" button to complete.

Screenshot 2024-03-17 at 9.14.59 PM.png


Step 3. Finalize the Connection Between GearBubble and Shopify

After you "Submit", the Stores tab will reopen. Click on "Connect" to finish connecting the two platforms.

Screenshot 2024-03-17 at 9.22.46 PM.png


Step 4. Allow Shopify Orders to Be Auto-Fulfilled by Gearbubble

After you click "Connect", you will see that under the "Connected?" column, your connection status has changed to "Yes".

Now, to turn on auto-fulfilment of your Shopify orders, click on "Enable Auto-fulfill". This will allow the orders to be automatically imported and fulfilled through the Shopify integration.

Screenshot 2024-03-24 at 9.28.06 PM.png


Following these steps, you will successfully connect Shopify and GearBubble and you will be able to upload products to Shopify with just one click! If you need any further assistance, don't hesitate to contact our support through chat (8AM-5PM PDT everyday) or email

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