What are the Dimensions of GearBubble Products and Their Packaging


In this article, you will find detailed information about the dimensions of GearBubble products and their packaging. Please note that this information is for products that are shipped individually. The dimensions and weights of combined shipments may vary depending on the products and quantities ordered.

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Product Packaging Shipment weight
Allover Print shirts 9x9x3 poly-bag 7.06oz
Coffee mug 15oz 6x5x5 foam cube 1lb 3oz
Garments 9x9x3 poly-bag  
Shot Glass 5x5x5 box 5oz
Travel mug 5x5x5 box 11oz
Wine glass 9x6x6 poly bag 4.8oz
Tumbler 20 oz 9x6x6 poly bag 12oz
Tumbler 30 oz 9x6x6 poly bag 1lbs
Ornament 4x4x4 box 4oz
Camper mug 6x5x5 foam cube 7oz
Candle 5x5x5 box 11.3oz
Poster 2' W X 24" long tube 10x10.....5oz
Pillowcase Envelope 4oz
Precious Jewelry 10l x 7w x 1h (in) box 4oz
Men's Jewelry 10l x 7w x 1h (in) box  
Black LED box ( Luxury Box) 3.9x3.9x2.59 inches, black velvet interior, ABS plastic exterior 6.17oz
Basic Box Single compartment exclusive gift box in matte black. Box Size: 3.5 x 3.5 x 1 inch (8.89 x 8.89 x 2.54 cm) 14oz


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